For companies seeking candidates

We start getting to know you before we actually meet you: Prior to our kickoff call, we do extensive research to ensure we understand your science and your business. This helps us use your time efficiently.

During our first call, we make sure we spend more time listening than talking. We don’t come in with boilerplate questions: instead, we tailor the conversation to your specific needs.

Once we know what you’re seeking, we immediately look for matches within and outside our network. We’re plugged-in enough that we can usually generate a list of about 100 targets in 48 hours.

Next, we narrow the list: We pick 10-15 candidates and interview them all. We may reach out by the usual mechanisms (LinkedIn, email, phone), but what we say is never standard (we love to start by congratulating a candidate on a big accomplishment, like first authorship in a high-impact journal).

Our interviews help us narrow the list further, to 5-6 candidates and then to 1-3. We look for both scientific and cultural fit. We don’t skip logistics, either: by the time we send you candidates, we know all the details about them, including when they can start, what level of compensation they expect, whether they need sponsorship, and how actively they’re talking to other potential employers.

Once you’ve made a decision, we help close the deal. By the end of the process, you have a new employee you love — and we’re looking forward to finding you the next one!

For candidates seeking roles

Everyone’s career journey is different. Contact us directly to learn more about our different types of processes and which one is best for you.