Why is it so hard for great companies to find great candidates, and for great candidates to find great roles?

We believe it’s because far too many recruiters limit themselves to the obvious: LinkedIn searches, postings on job boards, matchmaking attempts based on an incomplete understanding of what their clients actually need.

At Dark Horse, we do things differently.

We start by getting to know our clients — both companies and candidates — deeply.

We don’t just send resumes; we advise on what’s needed, in terms of both technical skills and cultural fit. You don’t have to explain to us that a scientist at Company A isn’t equal to one at Company B — we already know.

We’re deeply embedded in the biotech innovation ecosystem, and serve as eyes and ears for many of its key players. We don’t cold-call potential connections; we read their papers on bioRxiv and hang out with them at meetups. Often, when a company tells us they’re looking for a “unicorn,” we’re able to find several qualified candidates in a matter of days — because we already know the right people

And we love a challenge: a job that has gone unfilled for months, a candidate with qualifications so unique that even he isn’t sure what he should be seeking. Even in these cases, we’re not content to meet expectations — we exceed them.

That’s why we’re called Dark Horse:
we help you make the smart bet