Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Dark Horse Talent Diversity Statement

At Dark Horse Talent, equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging are more than words – they speak our values. We believe in the strength of diverse organizations, where varied life experiences, backgrounds, and identities merge to produce exceptional work, dynamic thinking, and great work cultures.

Our company is in the business of recruiting executives and senior level, top talent for biotechnology companies. We deem it our responsibility to help broaden and develop all-access talent pipelines, expand opportunities for underrepresented groups to enter these pipelines, and champion equity, inclusion, and belonging at all levels of an organization. We view our clients as partners in this process and we will actively work to support them with their own equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) goals. We believe that the most qualified candidates for a job can also reflect the diverse society we live in.

Our definition of diversity is expansive and includes the varied human characteristics we see in age, race, religious/spiritual affiliation, gender identity, ability status, sexual orientation, educational background, appearance, socioeconomic background, cultural identity, primary language, national origin, sex, marital status,  veteran status, and other kinds of life experience, personal attributes, and ways of thinking.

We believe that our society’s rich diversity is something to both celebrate and leverage in our industry. Research confirms our beliefs – companies with greater levels of diversity are more productive, more efficient, more profitable, and are happier places for employees to work. From a strategic perspective, diversity and inclusion make plain business sense.  From a human perspective, diversity makes the workplace interesting and vibrant. From a societal perspective, diversity creates opportunities for meaningful exchanges and broader pursuits.

The integrity of our business correlates with our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We are taking active steps to promote EDI in the biotechnology industry. Beyond being the “right thing to do,” we know these actions actually accelerate scientific progress because diverse and inclusive companies innovate and perform better. We offer our clients high-quality EDI services, from EDI leadership coaching and employee engagement surveys to workplace ESL, advisement on H1B visas, diversity recruitment, and effective practices for employee retention. We are proud of our work so far and we know we have room to grow. This work takes conscious action. We aim to do just that.

Bryan Wells, CEO and Founder of Dark Horse Talent

I’m proud to be at a company where the term “diversity” is understood in its broadest sense to describe the unique identities, life experiences, and personal attributes that make our community culturally and intellectually rich. We are forging a path to make the life sciences industry truly inclusive and representative of the broad diversity of our community and we view ourselves as partners of clients, industry peers, and community members in this venture. The path ahead is not necessarily paved or polished; however, we recognize our critical roles as EDI agents and believe in our ability to drive progress together.

Nadia Alam, Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Dark Horse Talent

For more information about equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) at Dark Horse Talent or to learn about our EDI services and partnerships, please contact nadia@darkhorse-talent.com.