Working with Bryan and Darkhorse was a very pleasant and straightforward experience. Bryan first contacted me based through a recommendation of a previous co-worker. He introduced me to a position he had that was directly in line with my skill set. We first discussed the position itself and what I was looking for in a job and if I was looking for a switch. After the initial talk, Bryan passed my information along to the employer and he helped me to set up a time that I could meet the team. After the initial meeting, Bryan also helped to set up a time for an official in-person interview. Bryan was very transparent through this process in terms of the company, salary, what they were looking for, etc.. At times there was some delay in communications, but companies get busy and this understandable. Overall, the process took upwards of a month from initial contact with Bryan and my hire date with the company. As mentioned, it was a great experience and Darkhorse seems to really know their stuff in this field (biotech). I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in working in this space.

-Bioinformatics Software Engineer II

“We have successfully recruited several senior-level computational biologists with Bryan/Dark Horse. In a tight market with fierce competition, Bryan successfully identified talent that we would not otherwise have found. He also expertly guided us through the entire process, ensuring that our top candidates accepted.”

— Director of Bioinformatics, Boston-based academic medical center


“Paul is apart of a great collective, Dark Horse Talent. I was very impressed by the professionalism and guidance when it comes to selecting a career path and direction.

Paul will work with you and listen to you, in order to find a direction. In careers, it is hard to have this guidance, and I believe it is indispensable. Paul also confers a great commitment and initiative when it comes to placing highly capable employees to great employers.

I would say Paul is an expert at career analysis and direction. Paul also is unlike others, through his passion. Paul is not afraid to let you figure out your own path, and help you reach your goals. I would recommend Paul to anyone in the science and research community, especially early in your career. He can help assess your goals, aspirations, and give you a plan to achieve them.”

Research Associate, RNA Biology

“Paul went above and beyond his role of a recruiter to help me feel confident in applying for positions. He kept up constant communication throughout the whole interviewing process and was always available to talk. Before every interview, he would take time to call and answer any questions along with after every interview as well. I enjoyed working with Paul and would recommend him to anyone in need of help searching for a job that interests them.”
Research Associate, NGS

“I enjoyed working with Paul throughout my entire job hunt. He did a fantastic job which was a testament to his ability to listen deeply and understand me personally as a candidate. Where Paul really stood out in this regard was to get to know me and not only identify a good technical fit but just as importantly a good personality fit. Paul’s enthusiasm for me as a candidate instilled confidence and excitement during the interview process.

On a more detailed note Paul did an excellent job getting in touch both before and after interviews and always available to answer additional questions that arose in a straightforward and helpful manner. He was incredibly professional and easy to talk to throughout which aided in relieving some of the stress of the application process. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone currently in search of a new position.”

-Scientist, Oncology


“I have worked with Bryan Wells at my past two companies. He has been a great partner and has provided us with high quality candidates, several of whom we’ve hired. He is more than a recruiter; His advisory approach and his will to deliver for his clients can be key to a company ramping up. If you are hitting roadblocks in your hiring of Bioinformatics and Comp Bio professionals I strongly suggest you have a conversation with Dark Horse Talent to see how they can help.”

CTO for Personalized Immunotherapy start-up


“I have worked with Bryan Wells in recruiting scientific staff at two different companies.  Bryan is well-informed and well-connected within the bioinformatics community.  He is committed and hard-working.  At both companies, Bryan was successful in identifying and helping to hire candidates who became very effective employees.  Bryan was able to identify several strong candidates.  He is diligent in keeping us informed of progress in the searches and is effective in communicating with the candidates.  I would work with Bryan again and would highly recommend him as a recruiter to others.”

Senior Vice President, Biology


“I had a detailed conversation with [Bryan/Dark Horse] about the type of position that I saw as the next step in my career. Before long, I was matched with a company that was exactly what I was looking for. [He/they] continued to be helpful during the interview and offer evaluation process and helped ensure both sides were satisfied with the outcome.”

Senior Computational Biologist


“I first encountered Bryan when he presented me with an excellent candidate for an opening – the placement was so accurate that I made extra effort to enable hiring through Bryan. 18 months later, Bryan placed *me* in an position that he recognized as perfect for me better than I did! If he hadn’t been persistent, I would have missed it! If you’re looking for or looking to fill an Informatics role in Boston, talk to Bryan.”

Director of Bioinformatics Architecture


“If you are looking to engage with a talent acquisition specialist for Bioinformatics and software development look no further than Dark Horse Talent. My company had been searching for a very unique set of skills. Some would say a unicorn. Bryan found us the right person within a month. He saved us both time and money in this search”

Senior Engineering Manager Computational Biology


“I’ve have worked with Bryan in my current role at Biogen and could not be happier having him as a business partner. Bryan has delivered talented permanent and contract employees to my group that have helped us in many ways. He is a valuable asset to any manager looking to hire, or candidate interested in the job market.”


Associate Director of Computational Biology


“Bryan is an extremely talented recruiter. I’ve worked with him multiple times now, both as a potential candidate and as someone who is looking to hire. If you’re looking for dozens of  candidates who don’t quite fit, or opportunities that aren’t quite for you, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re looking for the right fit from the start, look no further than Dark Horse Talent.”

Senior Bioinformatics Engineer


“I have been interacting with Bryan on a networking basis for over five years, and as a hiring manager for two at Dark Horse Talent. He has an excellent network, recommends well-qualified applicants, and is consistently very professional and prompt. What I appreciate most about working with Bryan is his careful attention to feedback on resumes and interviews. He does not persist with an imperfect fit, but instead works patiently and diligently to find the best match for us and for the candidates.”

Director of Bioinformatics


Bryan placed me at my current job at Foundation Medicine. I’m sure I was not an easy candidate to deal with, but Bryan shepherded me through it all with a steady hand. Highly recommended.

Bioinformatics Software Engineer


Bryan has helped me with my transition to the job at RaNA Therapeutics. He is a very knowledgeable staffing consultant and understands the industry very well. He is detail oriented, genuinely concerned and involved in every step of the process. Overall, it was a great experience to work with him and I highly recommend Bryan to both corporate clients seeking new hires and to individuals seeking new employment opportunities!

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist


“Bryan helped me transition from a wet lab career into great bioinformatics position at Foundation Medicine, Inc. I really enjoyed working with him and felt that he really does care about placing people in the right work environment. He would be an indispensable asset to any job seeker or company seeking highly qualified candidates. I would absolutely recommend his advice and expertise to colleagues if the need comes up.”

Bioinformatics Scientist


Bryan reached out to me with a wonderful opportunity that he identified as a match for my career goals. He promptly responded to any questions I had and expertly coordinated the logistical details of interviewing and offer negotiation. I am now very happy in my new position and grateful that Bryan connected me with my new employer!

Senior Scientist, Molecular Biology