Bryan Wells |Owner & President | Darkhorse Talent

I got bit by the entrepreneur bug from a young age and developed a service-oriented mindset that has stuck with me my entire life. My family owned and operated two restaurants, the Seafood Depot in my home town of Medford, MA and Somerville’s old Teele Square Diner. These two experiences shaped my entire career.

From hospitality to talent acquisition, I was relentless in operating from a customer-first attitude. It must have been because of all those years in the restaurant business. When I realized the restaurant industry wasn’t a long-term fit, I saw recruitment as an opportunity to learn new skillsets and help shape the lives of others.

I recruited for scientific and clinical roles for six years, but being a business owner had been a life-long dream for me. Dark Horse Talent has allowed me to have a direct effect on patients and their families by matching scientific and clinical talent with the life sciences companies who need them. We provide our clients and candidates the confidence to know that their needs will be met. Clients we typically work with have open positions that others have attempted and not performed. Clients come to us because they want the ideal person for their role with candidates that are looking for their ideal career path. They want results. We truly partner with clients and candidates to make an impact on your organization.